WABC Accredited
(Level 3 – CMBC)® Standards

WABC offers a suite of four rigorous, evidence-based program accreditation qualifications for programs that cover the full breadth and depth of development and professional offering in business coaching—practitioner, advanced, master and elite. The WABC Accredited (Level 3 – CMBC) standards are for qualifying and requalifying for Level 3. You will refer to these standards when you’d like to learn about this level which is for programs that develop master business coaches.

WABC Accredited
(Level 3 – CMBC)® Standards


The WABC Accredited global mark is a program accreditation distinction that ensures you’re offering the most comprehensive and robust business coaching training available in the world. WABC Accredited (Level 3 – CMBC) is for programs that develop master coaches. Such programs fully explore current approaches, methodologies and theories underpinning the work of business coaches, drawing on the literature from related disciplines as well as business coaching itself. Critical engagement with, and the design of, research is also a hallmark of this level. Accordingly, business coaches at this master level are expected to provide business coaching to an open agenda that may have a more indirect impact on business and organizational outcomes. These participants may be accountable for critical analysis, diagnosis, design, planning, execution and evaluation and they may also choose to specialize.

Purpose of WABC Accredited

WABC Accredited (Level 3 – CMBC):

  • Sets global standards for business coach training providers whose programs focus on developing master business coaches, and clearly identifies these standards for buyers of business coach training 
  • Provides an independent, robust, transparent assessment process that recognizes excellence in training provision
  • Promotes high-caliber professional development for the benefit of business coaches 
  • Contributes to the definition, development and self-regulation of the business coaching profession

Guiding Standards 

The WABC Accredited global mark is the product of widespread research, development and testing. The program is guided by a suite of standards developed by WABC through extensive study and industry consultation including:

WABC Accredited is an evidence-based mark that undergoes annual and three- to five-year reviews to ensure that it remains relevant and continues to set the highest global standards for business coaching training programs.

Granting Institution

The WABC Accredited mark is awarded by WABC, headquartered in Canada.  Learn more about our independent process*.


You’re an ideal candidate for WABC Accredited (Level 3 – CMBC) if your program meets the following profile.


Your program must develop master business coaches, must be delivered at a professional level of engagement and must meet our professional standards and rigorous assessment process. As such, WABC Accredited is only available to training programs that offer business coaching as the main focus of their curriculum. This means over 75% of the learning hours within the program must be focused on the practice, theory and/or research of business coaching.


Applications will be accepted from: 

  • External programs that operate an open recruitment policy, welcoming all appropriately experienced participants, or
  • Internal programs where participants are drawn only from within a specific organization.

Even if your program is brand new, or requires significant changes to meet WABC’s standards, you may still be eligible to register in our WABC program accreditation process.

Every applicant program must:

  • Aspire to standards and aspirations for excellence as exemplified in all of WABC’s applicable evidence-based standards, and
  • Meet the assessment criteria specified by WABC.


To earn WABC Accredited (Level 3 – CMBC), you must meet these requirements:

  • Complete your program at least once so that feedback from graduates is available (if your program hasn’t yet run to completion, you may begin the submission process, with assessment occurring only when your first group of participants has completed); 
  • Complete the WABC Program Accreditation Process including your submission of your Self-Assessment Report; and 
  • Meet minimum WABC Accredited (Level 3 – CMBC) requirements and receive a pass from the independent WABC Accredited Award Board. 


As a WABC Accredited (Level 3 – CMBC) program, you must participate in all program accreditation lifecycle activities which include: 

  • Offering the program at least once every two years
  • Continuing to operate the program at the same standard as accredited
  • Providing all WABC annual reports and other reports as required
  • Engaging in the re-accreditation process every five years

When WABC Accredited (Level 3 – CMBC) Can Be Revoked

WABC can revoke accreditation at any time if a provider is reported or considered to be conducting their program in an unprofessional or unethical manner, not in accordance with the accreditation standards or in any other way that will bring WABC or business coaching into disrepute. Additionally, other adverse statuses can be issued (e.g., suspension, probation) if certain circumstances arise and require such an action be taken. In serious cases or when revocation occurs, you will no longer be able to use the WABC Accredited mark and you must remove all references to it, including logos, from your marketing, promotional and other material. You must also return your non-refundable certificate to WABC.


The WABC Accredited (Level 3 – CMBC) mark must be listed in a specific way, and the inclusion of either the or ® symbol will depend on your country of residence. Please log in to your dashboard for further guidance and access to applicable WABC logos.


The value of the WABC Accredited mark is not just born from the standards that inform it, but also from the evaluative processes that lead to it. At WABC, we take very seriously the need to accomplish two goals for the benefit of all stakeholders:

  1. To ensure that the WABC standards are best-in-class and consistently upheld and safeguarded, and
  2. To provide an independent and transparent program accreditation process.

WABC strikes the right balance towards realizing those two distinct goals through the creation of WABC standing committees—the WABC Program Accreditation Team, and three supporting WABC Accredited Decision Boards: WABC Accredited Assessment Board, WABC Accredited Award Board and WABC Accredited Appeal Board.

The team and boards are comprised of highly skilled experts who are passionate about business coaching and serving our community. They are accountable to strictly uphold WABC’s global evidence-based standards and accreditation best practice.

The purpose of all standing committees is to:

  • Provide an independent, robust, transparent program accreditation process that recognizes excellence in business coaching training, and
  • Promote the highest global standards for business coaching training programs.

Ultimately, WABC maintains oversight of its standards and safeguards the program accreditation process, while simultaneously enabling experts to independently carry out program accreditation related activities. Taken altogether, this thoughtfully considered and balanced-approach raises the quality, credibility and profile of business coaching worldwide to the benefit of all stakeholders.

This revised edition reflects improved text. The WABC Accredited (Level 3- CMBC) standards have not been changed.