Professional Development Record (PDR)

WABC’s commitment to leading business coaching excellence is further demonstrated through the Professional Development Record (PDR) which is required by holders of WABC’s advanced credentials—CBC, CMBC® and ChBC®. The PDR, required for re-certification every five years, provides a necessary and significant developmental opportunity for our advanced coaches. In this way, the PDR supports the delivery of quality business coaching services to clients and their organizations.

Professional Development Record (PDR)


Holders of WABC’s advanced evidence based global credentials—CBC, CMBC® and ChBC®are required to re-certify every five years. The route to re-certification is through the submission of a Professional Development Record (PDR) for evaluation every five years.

WABC’s PDR is a significant professional development milestone for our CBCs, CMBCs and ChBCs. WABC’s PDR process is not a paper exercise that merely allows a member to catalog five years of courses taken, as many other professional bodies’ PDR are. Rather, WABC’s PDR is designed to:

  • Present a structured set of questions inviting you to demonstrate how you have kept your learning and practice up to date over a five-year period
  • Support your planning, timetabling and recording of events and activities, which are part of the continuing professional development needed by all those utilizing business coaching
  • Enable you to review your past and current Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities
  • Support you in developing and exploring your future professional development needs and goals
  • Provide you with a living document where you can record reflective notes and comments on what has been learned and where there are gaps, to provide you with a diary for recording dates of upcoming events and development activities