Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) Standards

WABC offers a suite of four rigorous, evidence-based credentials for practitioner, advanced, master and elite business coaches. The Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) standards are for qualifying for RCC, based on business experience and coaching experience. You will refer to these standards when you’d like to learn about this stand-alone WABC credential which is for practitioner business coaches.

Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) Standards


Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) is a highly respected global credential designed for those who are either beginning their journey as a business coach and may have had little or no previous experience with coaching, or who already have some business coaching experience that they now wish to consolidate fully with best practice. Business coaches at this level are expected to provide business coaching to a fixed agenda that is directly related to business and organizational goals and objectives.

Purpose of Credential


  • Sets global standards for practitioner professional business coaches, and clearly identifies these standards for buyers of business coaching
  • Provides an independent, robust, transparent assessment process that recognizes appropriate education for practitioner business coaches at this level
  • Contributes to the definition, development and self-regulation of the business coaching profession

Type of Credential

RCC is an independent, evidence-based credential (no prerequisite credential required*). 

*Each WABC credential is intended to be a stand-alone credential, which enables business coaches to pursue the credential that is right for their ambition, professional goals and client needs at any point in their careers.

Granting Institution

RCC is awarded by WABC, headquartered in Canada.


You are an ideal candidate for RCC if:

  • You have no business coaching experience and are looking to start your career in coaching, or
  • You have some business coaching experience but have never taken a formal evidence-based business coach training program and now wish to consolidate your practice fully with best practice, or
  • You’re a senior leader or manager wishing to engage with leadership coaching, or you are moving to a development role within your organization or to freelance work as a business coach, or
  • You’re an internal business coach developing your practice, or 
  • You’re an external business coach who works with clients within limited areas of service, or
  • You’re an external consultant wishing to enhance your coaching offer, and
  • You have a minimum of 7 years of business and organizational experience.


To earn RCC, you must meet these requirements:

  • Pass a screening interview with a WABC Accredited (Level 1 – RCC) program instructor, and
  • Meet minimum WABC membership requirements for RCC (currently WABC Affiliate Member), and 
  • Be a current WABC member in good standing, and
  • Successfully complete a WABC Accredited (Level 1 – RCC) program. Completion includes passing a written and performance related assessment.


As a foundational credential there are currently no ongoing requirements to maintain your credential. However, WABC fully expects RCCs to progress to an advanced WABC credential(s) as their career progresses.


The Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) credential must be listed in a specific way. Please log in to your dashboard for further guidance and access to applicable WABC logos.

Credential Verification

At WABC, we support credible business coaches, and another way we do this and maintain our high standards as a professional association is through our credential verification service. This service requires members who hold academic degrees or professional designations from organizations other than WABC to have those credentials verified by us if they wish to list them in materials that display WABC trademarks (e.g., WABC logo, RCC). For full details, refer to our Credential Verification Policy.

This revised edition reflects improved text. The RCC standards have not been changed.