Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

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By using and accessing our Websites, you’re agreeing to this Accessibility Policy, our Terms and Conditions of Use, our Privacy Policy, our Security Policy, our Terms of Membership, our Use of WABC Credentials Policy, our Credential Verification Policy, our Copyright Policy, our Trademarks Use Policy and our Other Terms, Policies and Guidelines. If you do not agree with all our terms, conditions, policies and guidelines, or any posted amendments to our terms, conditions, policies, and guidelines, you may not use or access our Websites.

WABC Coaches Inc. (hereafter called “WABC”) reserves the right to change these terms, conditions, policies and guidelines at any time, and solely at its discretion. If possible, we will provide advance notice of significant changes. However, it is your responsibility to check these terms, conditions, policies and guidelines regularly. Your continued use of our Websites after we have made changes signifies that you accept the changes, whether or not you have actually reviewed them.

Scope of Accessibility Policy

This Accessibility Policy applies to your use of any and all of the Websites now, previously and/or to be owned or operated by WABC Coaches Inc., its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies (collectively referred to in our Terms and Conditions of Use as the “Websites”).

Supported Browsers

To use our Websites, install the upgraded version of any of these three browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

to enjoy our enhanced digital experience. Using an unsupported browser means that you will not be able to fully access our Websites including the security features.


Our Websites use Optima Pro as their primary font.


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