Trademarks Use Policy

Trademarks Use Policy

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WABC Coaches Inc. (hereafter called “WABC”) reserves the right to change these terms, conditions, policies and guidelines at any time, and solely at its discretion. If possible, we will provide advance notice of significant changes. However, it is your responsibility to check these terms, conditions, policies and guidelines regularly. Your continued use of our Websites after we have made changes signifies that you accept the changes, whether or not you have actually reviewed them. 

Scope of Trademarks Use Policy

This Trademarks Use Policy applies to your use of any and all of the Websites, now, previously and/or to be owned or operated by WABC Coaches Inc., its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies (collectively referred to in our Terms and Conditions of Use as the “Websites”).

WABC Trademarks

WABC Coaches Inc., a privately held corporation duly incorporated under the laws of Canada, is the owner of numerous trademarks, both registered and unregistered, including without limitation:

  • Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
  • WABC
  • WABC logo (many variations)
  • Business Coaching Worldwide
  • BCW
  • WABC Full Member
  • WABC Affiliate Member
  • Chartered Business Coach
  • ChBC
  • WABC Certified Master Business Coach
  • CMBC
  • WABC Certified Business Coach
  • Certified Business Coach
  • CBC
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • CEC
  • Registered Corporate Coach
  • RCC
  • Registered Internal Corporate Coach
  • RICC
  • WABC Accredited Candidate (Level 1 – RCC)
  • WABC Accredited (Level 1 – RCC)
  • WABC Accredited Candidate (Level 2 – CBC)
  • WABC Accredited (Level 2 – CBC)
  • WABC Accredited Candidate (Level 3 – CMBC)
  • WABC Accredited (Level 3 – CMBC)
  • WABC Accredited Candidate (Level 4 – ChBC)
  • WABC Accredited (Level 4 – ChBC)

Collectively, these trademarks and logos are referred in this Trademarks Use Policy as the “WABC trademarks.”

Conditions of Use of WABC Trademarks

1. WABC supports credible business coaches and one way we do this is through our credential verification service. This service requires members who hold academic degrees or professional designations from organizations other than WABC to have those credentials verified by us if they wish to list them in materials that display any WABC trademarks including WABC credentials. For full details, refer to our Credential Verification Policy.

2. You must reproduce the WABC trademarks as received from WABC, without alteration except for overall sizing. You may not use the WABC trademarks within or as a part of any other symbol or mark.

3. The WABC trademarks can be used by members, strategic allies and WABC Accredited programs. Qualified others may also use our WABC trademarks with our permission.

4. When used on any approved materials, the WABC trademarks must appear exactly as we provided it to you.

5. You may not use the WABC trademarks as part of the sale or manufacture of goods without written authorization from us.

6. You may not use the WABC trademarks as part of a URL or business, social media group or any other kind of name.

7. Use of the WABC trademarks on the World Wide Web or other electronic service requires linking to our Websites.

8. We may withdraw permission to use the WABC trademarks at any time.

9. Members who misuse the WABC trademarks violate the Terms of Membership and could have their membership terminated. WABC Accredited providers who misuse the WABC trademarks violate the WABC Program Accreditation agreement and could have their program accreditation status revoked.

10. We provide the WABC trademarks only as a graphical representation to promote WABC and/or to indicate that you are a member, strategic alliance or WABC Accredited program. Use of the WABC trademarks in no way indicates that we sponsor or endorse the content of any of your materials that the WABC trademarks appear on.

11. You are not permitted to use the WABC trademarks to disparage WABC, its members, strategic allies, WABC Accredited programs or its promotional goods.

12. You cannot copy or imitate any part of our promotional materials or the WABC trademarks in any of your materials, including advertising, product packaging or promotional materials, without our prior approval.

13. Any materials previously produced that are in your possession and do not meet the requirements may be distributed until your supplies are exhausted. However, any new materials that you produce and/or distribute must conform to the requirements in this policy and guidelines.

Cancellation of Authorization to Use WABC Trademarks

We reserve the right to review the use of our WABC trademarks at any time and from time to time. Anyone who disregards these policies and guidelines may have the right to use the WABC trademarks revoked.


Any members, strategic allies, WABC Accredited programs (and qualified others who receive permission from WABC) who are found to be improperly using our WABC trademarks, or using any outdated or unapproved WABC trademarks, must correct any deficiencies in the use of these WABC trademarks upon reasonable notice from us. Anyone who refuses to correct such deficiencies within a reasonable set time will have the right to use our WABC trademarks revoked. Continued disregard for these policies and guidelines will result in WABC membership, WABC credentials or WABC Accredited being revoked. We reserve the right to enforce any and all of our legal rights with respect to the WABC trademarks.