Choose Your WABC Accredited® Level

We offer four WABC Accredited levels for maximum impact. WABC Accredited signifies that your offering is among the world’s most elite and rigorous business coaching training programs. For those seeking training that readies them for real-world business challenges, no other program distinction compares.


Four WABC Accredited® Levels for Maximum Impact

WABC knows that business coaching training must meet the rapidly changing demands facing businesses and organizations of all kinds around the world. To meet this need, WABC offers program accreditation at four levels.

The four WABC Accredited levels cover the full breadth and depth of development and professional offering in business coaching—practitioner, advanced, master and elite.

To earn any of the four levels, programs must be delivered at a professional level of engagement and must meet our professional standards and rigorous assessment process.

WABC Accredited is only available to training programs that offer business coaching as the main focus of their curriculum. This means over 75% of the learning hours within the program must be focused on the practice, theory and/or research of business coaching.

We accept applications from trainers who offer either: 

  • External programs that operate an open recruitment policy, welcoming all appropriately experienced participants, or
  • Internal programs where participants are drawn only from within a specific organization.

Even if your program is brand new, or requires significant changes to meet WABC’s standards, you may still be eligible to register in our WABC program accreditation process.

Every applicant program must:

  • Aspire to standards and aspirations for excellence as exemplified in all of WABC’s evidence-based standards, and
  • Meet the assessment criteria specified by WABC.

Four Levels for Real-World Business Needs

Level 1

WABC Accredited
(Level 1 – RCC)®

Level 1 programs develop practitioner business coaches. Such programs focus on the practical elements of business coaching for participants with limited previous experience in formal focused coaching skills training, or with some experience that they wish to consolidate fully with best practice.

Level 2

WABC Accredited
(Level 2 – CBC)®

Level 2 programs develop advanced business coaches. Such programs focus on consolidating technical skills and also encouraging the development of a sound theoretical underpinning to enable their participants to provide a full professional scope of practice and to work to more diverse agendas.

Level 3

WABC Accredited
(Level 3 – CMBC)®

Level 3 programs develop master business coaches who may also choose to specialize. Such programs fully explore, and provide critical engagement with, current approaches, methodologies and theories underpinning the work of business coaches to enable their participants to work to an open agenda that may have a more indirect impact on business outcomes.

Level 4

WABC Accredited
(Level 4 – ChBC)®

Level 4 programs develop elite business coaches who represent the highest level of professional practice. Such programs provide an in-depth process that facilitates an intensive examination based on advanced robust methodologies to enable their participants to demonstrate their senior expertise in operating at this level.