Choose Your WABC Accredited® Level

We offer four WABC Accredited levels for maximum impact. WABC Accredited signifies that your offering is among the world’s most elite and rigorous business coaching training programs. For those seeking training that readies them for real-world business challenges, no other program distinction compares.


Four WABC Accredited® Levels for Maximum Impact

WABC knows that business coaching training must meet the rapidly changing demands facing businesses and organizations of all kinds around the world. To meet this need, WABC offers program accreditation at four levels.

The four WABC Accredited levels cover the full breadth and depth of development and professional offering in business coaching—practitioner, advanced, master and elite.

To earn any of the four levels, programs must be delivered at a professional level of engagement and must meet our professional standards and rigorous assessment process.

WABC Accredited is only available to training programs that offer business coaching as the main focus of their curriculum. This means over 75% of the learning hours within the program must be focused on the practice, theory and/or research of business coaching.

We accept applications from trainers who offer either: 

  • External programs that operate an open recruitment policy, welcoming all appropriately experienced participants, or
  • Internal programs where participants are drawn only from within a specific organization.

Even if your program is brand new, or requires significant changes to meet WABC’s standards, you may still be eligible to register in our WABC program accreditation process.

Every applicant program must:

  • Aspire to standards and aspirations for excellence as exemplified in all of WABC’s evidence-based standards, and
  • Meet the assessment criteria specified by WABC.

Four Levels for Real-World Business Needs

Level 1

WABC Accredited
(Level 1 – RCC)®

Level 1 programs develop practitioner business coaches. Such programs focus on the practical elements of business coaching for participants with limited previous experience in formal focused coaching skills training, or with some experience that they wish to consolidate fully with best practice.

Level 2

WABC Accredited
(Level 2 – CBC)®

Level 2 programs develop advanced business coaches. Such programs focus on consolidating technical skills and also encouraging the development of a sound theoretical underpinning to enable their participants to provide a full professional scope of practice and to work to more diverse agendas.

Level 3

WABC Accredited
(Level 3 – CMBC)®

Level 3 programs develop master business coaches who may also choose to specialize. Such programs fully explore, and provide critical engagement with, current approaches, methodologies and theories underpinning the work of business coaches to enable their participants to work to an open agenda that may have a more indirect impact on business outcomes.

Level 4

WABC Accredited
(Level 4 – ChBC)®

Level 4 programs develop elite business coaches who represent the highest level of professional practice. Such programs provide an in-depth process that facilitates an intensive examination based on advanced robust methodologies to enable their participants to demonstrate their senior expertise in operating at this level.

How WABC Accredited® Delivers Leading Results

Prepare business coaches, leaders or other professionals to solve practical, real-world business challenges and drive new opportunities with the WABC Accredited® global mark, a program accreditation distinction that ensures you’re offering the most comprehensive and robust business coaching training available in the world.


Business Success Requires Quality Business Coaching

The global business landscape is evolving at an accelerating pace. The demand for confident, competent leadership and ethical, sustainable business models has never been more pressing and necessary for success.

As a discipline that challenges leaders, teams and individuals to think more critically about clarifying and activating their strategy, business coaching is essential to sustaining organizational achievement.

As a powerful intervention, business coaching is a discipline harnessed by tens of thousands of organizations and businesses worldwide, including many Fortune 500 leaders.

It’s no wonder that such a wide array of business coach training programs are available worldwide, whether through internal corporate solutions, or through open programs offered by universities and training institutions. With such strong market growth, there’s a clear demand and abundance of choice.

Yet the global community of business coaching stakeholders—coaches themselves, their trainers, those thinking about becoming a business coach or the organizations interested in applying their skills—must discern the quality of the training they seek and they put into practice every day.

As an unregulated industry, the challenge is a lack of clarity and consistency on what defines excellence in business coaching. WABC has met this challenge through rigorous self-regulatory initiatives focused on raising the quality, credibility and profile of business coaching worldwide.


WABC Accredited Represents the Highest Quality Business Coaching Training in the World

As the leader since 1997, WABC leads the business coaching industry in identifying the qualities, actions and skills of the effective business coach.

Our insights have allowed us to deeply understand the link between the quality of an individual business coach’s training and the quality of business coaching services they can deliver.

The WABC Accredited global mark was developed in direct response to this crucial need for clarity, reliable standards and quality service delivery within the industry.

As a program accreditation distinction, WABC Accredited:

  • Sets global evidence-based standards for business coaching training providers and clearly identifies these standards for buyers of business coaching training,
  • Provides an independent, robust, transparent assessment process that recognizes excellence in training provision,
  • Promotes high-caliber professional development for the benefit of business coaches, and
  • Contributes to the definition, development and self-regulation of the business coaching profession.

We Help You Offer Evidence-based Training Rooted in Real-world Organizational & Business Needs

WABC Accredited programs equip individuals with the evidence-based competencies that leaders, organizations, individuals and teams need to realize their potential, backed by the latest theoretical and practical knowledge designed to deliver results.


The Route to Earning WABC Accredited Equips Your Program for Success

For training programs dedicated to offering the best training and education in business coaching, the route to achieve the WABC Accredited mark is through our WABC program accreditation process.

Our process optimizes your program for success by ensuring your training is grounded in the business coaching best practices shaping the industry today.

Whether you represent an open enrollment program offered by a training provider, university or educational institution, or you represent an internal business coaching training program offered by a corporation, business or other type of organization, the depth and breadth of our program accreditation process ensures your program is built on research-informed best practice.

You’ll learn much more about our program accreditation process when you explore all our WABC Accredited levels.


Fewer than 1% of the world’s business coaching programs have met our standard of accreditation


Invest in Your Continued
Success with WABC Accredited

WABC’s rigorous program accreditation process engages successful providers in a continuous lifecycle—from initial accreditation to annual monitoring to re-accreditation every five years to ensure they deliver the highest, most relevant training to business coaches today and tomorrow.

The WABC Accredited mark means:


Position Your Program at the Top of the Field

WABC Accredited is a testament to the excellence of your program and sets you apart from other training providers. Participants know that WABC prepares them for the practical challenges of business coaching in organizational and business-specific settings.

Because it is based on best practice for both business coaching and program accreditation processes, WABC Accredited broadcasts your program meets the highest global standards and is specifically tailored to business coaching, not coaching in general.


Deliver Relevant Professional Development for Every Career Stage

Whether your training is available to the open market or to employees within your organization, effective business coaching training can transform how people perform their role, no matter their career stage or level of seniority.

With four levels of accreditation to suit your needs, you’ll be able to build a relevant program that brings out the best in your participants.


Gain Independent, Professional Recognition

WABC Accredited applications are evaluated by fully qualified, independent assessors. They assess the competencies your program addresses and the quality systems it adheres to, ensuring your training meets WABC’s robust criteria.

Our transparent program accreditation process also offers providers access to fully qualified, independent advisers who provide personalized advisory support and feedback designed to make you think more critically, creatively and strategically about your program offer.


Prepare Your Graduates for Continued Professional Development

Earning WABC Accredited for your program means your graduates are eligible to receive their own individual WABC credential, a distinction available to graduates of WABC Accredited programs.

WABC credentials signal that your graduates are equipped with the evidence-based knowledge and skills to solve real-world organizational challenges and deliver excellence in business coaching.


Extend Your Reach and Demonstrate You’re Accredited By the Best

Carrying the WABC Accredited distinction means you get to build your program’s brand with the support of a global organization committed to excellence.

You will gain the right to leverage the WABC Accredited brand in your marketing, program and training materials.

You will also have access to exclusive opportunities with WABC to build your thought leadership profile, promote your services and access a global community of business coaches and clients.


Build Global Business Coaching Knowledge

The WABC program accreditation process includes demonstrating the success of your program’s standards, approaches and learning models.

By sharing this information with WABC, you build the global body of knowledge about business coaching as an evolving, innovative practice.

Your program accreditation shapes business coaching practice, development and self-regulation around the world, to create even greater efficacy and impacts.


Enhance Your Program with Research-Informed Best Practice

The program accreditation process leading to the WABC Accredited mark enables you to learn an enormous amount about effective business coaching, as your curriculum is measured against WABC’s expansive, detailed knowledge base.

Fine-tune your program for success with helpful, personalized feedback during the accreditation process, so you can offer best-in-class training built on research informed standards and best practice in business coaching and training alike.


Expand Our Global Community of Like-Minded Colleagues

Earning WABC Accredited for your program also means your program participants and graduates can also enjoy being part of WABC’s membership community, where they can expand their thinking with access to cutting edge knowledge and build their professional network with like-minded colleagues across the globe.


Leading Organizations Know Business Coaching is Essential

Prepare business coaches, leaders or other professionals to solve practical, real world business challenges and drive new opportunities with the WABC Accredited® global mark, a program accreditation distinction that ensures you’re offering the most comprehensive and robust business coaching training available in the world.


Take Your Open Enrollment Program to the Next Level with WABC Accredited

Whether you are a business coach trainer, a coaching organization, or an institution solidifying your existing offering, building a new program or looking to offer your participants a premium business coaching training experience, WABC Accredited distinguishes you apart from the competition.


Raise Your Program’s Value

Having your program WABC Accredited® means that your graduates are eligible to receive their own individual credential from WABC. This is an exceptional professional development opportunity that will help raise your value as a trainer.


Demonstrate Your Credibility

Gain credibility that demonstrates your training is rooted in research-informed best practice. Align your program with a globally recognized distinction, and equip yourself with the confidence of knowledge and expertise from an established association, backed by research.


Uphold Business Coaching Excellence

Align with the global standard for standards, skills and competencies that ensures continued business coaching success. Build your reputation with a specialized program accreditation, designed for business coaches, leaders, managers, directors and teams practicing in business and organizational applications.

Signify that your program is rooted in evidence-informed best practice and robust research, and incorporate thinking from adjacent disciplines, such as neuroscience and psychology, to complement your programs.


Enhance Your Internal Program’s Relevance with WABC Accredited

Offering a WABC Accredited internal training program builds an engine of business coaches, leaders and other employees that are dedicated to the continued success of your people, your strategies and your performance as an organization.

By supporting your leaders, managers, directors and teams with the knowledge and skills to better identify opportunities, unblock challenges, and work together towards shared objectives and priorities, there’s no limit to how far your organization can go.


Raise Your Value as an Employer

Having your program WABC Accredited means that your leaders and employees are able to access high-quality training from you and receive their own individual credential from WABC. Taken together, this is an exceptional professional development opportunity that will help raise your value as an employer.


Set a Vision for Success

Clarify your leadership purpose and vision, and engage employees more effectively in achieving your priorities. Establish strategic destinations that strengthen your organization’s alignment and integrate diverse stakeholder and market requirements. Build trust and loyalty with teams and clients more quickly by improving your relationship building and persuasive skills.


Lead with Clarity and Trust

Guide your team with clarity and communicate strategic intent to create clearer project asks. Build more trusted relationships with colleagues and reports alike, built on sound advice and authentic leadership. Develop strategic roadmaps and benchmarks that address challenges realistically, to ensure your team can reach them.


Build a Cohesive and Sustainable Coaching Culture

Foster a positive work environment that outlines clear expectations and drives more focused mindsets. Build a culture of support, respect and collaboration that is aligned with your core values, expertise and business objectives. Unify teams with diverse perspectives and attract and retain top performers. Operate with integrity and discretion to drive trust across your organization.


Engage Your Team’s Collaborative Spirit

Fully engage team members to drive top performance and innovation. Improve each individual’s level of confidence, emotional intelligence and communication skills to motivate collaboration and accountability. Equip your teams with the empathy skills needed to build relationships with diverse stakeholders across the organization.


Improve Loyalty and Trust

Build customer experiences that are distinct and increase loyalty and reputation in the market. Enhance your service by building a culture focused on active listening, effective communication and customer satisfaction.


In Their Own Words


Enhance Your Program with
WABC Expertise

WABC builds excellence at every level of business coaching. From creating robust evidence-informed standards to ensuring that program providers offer exceptional business coaching training, we continually find new ways to support business coaching achievement. Take the next step to build a better training program.

Recommend WABC to Your Employer

Are you a champion of business coaching within your organization and want to introduce WABC to your employer to see what’s possible?

Whether your organization has a business coaching program or is interested in building one, WABC accredits in-house programs to ensure that your employees are trained to coach using the latest research-informed best practice and global standards.

Discover More about WABC Accredited

With WABC, program providers can expect a program accreditation process unlike any other in the coaching industry.

In fact, the path to earn the WABC Accredited mark is an important professional and business developmental opportunity in its own right. By design, you will move through our process of progressive stages and steps that enable you to showcase your program offering for evaluation.

Consult with WABC to Create Best-in-Class Programs

Many training providers and organizations want to enhance their credibility and build WABC Accredited programs that drive tangible business results, but aren’t sure where to start.

WABC helps providers develop WABC Accredited training programs, and offers a range of consulting and business services to identify opportunities and improve coaching within organizations.