WABC Certified Master Business Coach® (CMBC®)

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ABOUT WABC Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC)

Extensive Expertise to Solve Complex Business Challenges

As a highly esteemed, world-class credential, WABC Certified Master Business Coach® is designed for master business coaches.

WABC offers four evidence-based credential levels that are designed to meet the diverse needs of practicing business coaches. WABC Certified Master Business Coach® (CMBC®) is WABC’s third and master level, held by business coaches all over the world.

Business coaches holding the CMBC are expected to demonstrate their mastery of the WABC business coaching competencies in order to provide business coaching to an open agenda with more complex goals with non-fixed outcomes that may impact broader business and organizational outcomes. Furthermore, they may be accountable for critical analysis, diagnosis, design, planning, execution and evaluation and they may also choose to specialize.


Achieving the Highest Global Standards

The WABC Business Coaching Competencies is the first-ever list of global, association-sponsored evidence-based professional competencies that define business coaching as a distinct discipline. These are applied at the appropriate level to all WABC credentials (RCC, CBC, CMBC® and ChBC®) and to all WABC Accredited® marks (program accreditation available at four levels).

The WABC Code of Business Coaching Ethics and Integrity embodies the highest ethical standards and is one of the most advanced and comprehensive codes of its kind in the world. It includes our Principles and our Safe Harbor Conciliation and Adjudication Process. All WABC members and WABC Accredited program providers adhere to this code.


WABC Elevates Business Coaching Excellence Globally

As the industry leader since 1997, the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) drives business coaching excellence with robust, evidence-based practices. 

We support leaders, coaches, clients and companies with the knowledge, skills and resources to successfully navigate complexity and improve individual and operational performance alike.

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