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WABC leads on credibility in the business coaching industry. We take care to ensure those using WABC membership or credentials represent their experience with accuracy and authenticity. Here you will find an individual’s verification profile (see the Look for this Symbol box for what’s included).

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  • WABC Membership Status — Only WABC members in good standing can claim to be a member of WABC and use the distinction in their marketing materials.

  • WABC Credential Status — Only WABC credential holders in good standing may market themselves as such and are eligible to use the WABC logo in their marketing materials.

  • Credential Verification Results — A value-added service in today’s marketplace is our credential verification service available to current members only (verification of their third-party credentials (academic degrees and professional designations)). Those WABC members who are committed professionals and who welcome independent verification of their credentials have participated in this service. If we have verified any third-party credentials, you’ll see those listed below including any applicable remarks.

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Valentina Reiner

COMO, Italy


WABC Affiliate Member

Term: Jan 31, 2023–Jan 31, 2024

WABC Certified Business Coach (CBC)

Valid: Nov 30, 2021–Nov 30, 2026

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