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Weplusnetwork Ltd is an Italian association of executive consultants and coaches, experts in developing leaders, managers and other talented professionals within organizations. We have solid experience in designing and delivering business coach training programs, and many of our faculty trainers hold WABC credentials and memberships.

With companies’ growing interest in reinforcing coaching competencies for managers, HR professionals and entrepreneurs, we designed a short but intensive program for senior professionals and managers interested in gaining a better understanding of how business coaching can improve effectiveness within their organizations.

We have operated as a Business Coaching Training School since 2013, and received the WABC Accredited (Level 1 – RCC)® credential in 2015. WABC recognition has been a distinctive mark for our training offers, and our alumni have enjoyed being part of an international cohort that acknowledges WABC evidence-based competencies and professional standards for business coaching. 

Many HR professionals and managers of large, multinational or Italian companies have chosen our school because we could offer a credentialing path with special attention to organizational and business needs for people development paths.

In 2020 we successfully achieved the “re-accreditation” of our Business Coaching Lab program. We also plan to additionally pursue the WABC Accredited (Level 2 – CBC)® distinction in 2021. This choice is not rooted only in market issues, but also in the “professional growth” that WABC can offer to WABC Accredited® programs. The WABC re-accreditation process allowed us to systematize and enrich training content offered to delegates, and to confer with senior WABC Accredited® advisers during the process. WABC proves very helpful to keep our programs up to date, distinctive and reinforced with global best practices.

We can attest to the value WABC provides for both training participants and training providers.

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