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As a pioneer in business coaching in Asia since 2002, Progress-U has developed professional coaches since 2005. Having two programs accredited by WABC allows us to give new, aspiring coaches to understand what it means to be a business coach through the WABC Accredited (Level 1 – RCC)® program or to go for a more extensive route by directly enrolling in the WABC Accredited (Level 2 – CBC)® program. 

Going through the rigorous WABC accreditation processes for our two programs has helped us create one of the most comprehensive and demanding professional business coach training curriculums in Asia today.

We chose to work with WABC because of its focus on business coaching and its more rigorous and sound approach to accreditation compared with other major coach certification bodies. The continuous support of the adviser assigned to us was very helpful in giving us a deeper understanding of WABC’s requirements for each level.

The highest quality of WABC Accredited® programs meant that in 2011, Progress-U launched the Asia Innovative Coaching Institute (AICI) to focus its professional business coach development activities and ensure continued training excellence in various locations, including Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore.

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