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Monique Lung


I have been a member of many professional associations of the years, and none have made as strong of an impression as the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

What impressed me the most about the WABC is the level and quality of interaction from leadership. A website inquiry led to a personal call from the WABC founder, Wendy Johnson. She took a personal interest and gave sound guidance regarding membership options, as well as credentialing suggestions and explained the unique value of business coaching, which had been my focal point. This personal touch was a fresh and welcome approach, instantly making me feel a sense of belonging. There are a myriad of coaching avenues, but it was divine intervention and a fellow Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) who led me to WABC.

As a member of WABC, I truly feel part of a family of exceptional highly professional colleagues dedicated to delivering the highest standards in Business Coaching. I have expanded on my prior experience and knowledge, incorporating models, processes and understanding using evidence-based standards that are sound, reputable, relevant and, especially in these times, critical for organizations and leaders.

WABC offers a wealth of business coaching support, through networks, directory exposure, resources, along with foundational tools for coach development, executive education, and coaching selling platforms, but the personal touch is what is by far the most unique in the industry.

I am honored to be WABC credentialed and vetted. Yes, membership requires a precise verification of all third-party credentials, which adds tremendous credibility and value to WABC’s Business Coach Locator directory. After years of confusion around certification and affiliation, I am forever grateful to WABC for the challenge, knowledge, and opportunity to obtain a greater depth of neuroscience and evidence-based methodologies that allows me to grow my passion for coaching and to serve clients alongside a sophisticated coaching community.

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