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We needed to shift our company’s culture towards a more collaborative, coaching environment. The primary driver for this shift is a vastly changing workforce. Within five years, our workforce will require a new level of leader engagement and to find even greater efficiencies. These realities made the case to build effective, relational leaders using business coaching.

We wanted to create an in-house business coaching program that would align our leader development with our values, business needs and priorities. By leveraging the deep coaching expertise already on our team, we asked Trish Candler, a WABC credentialed coach, to lead and develop our new program. Her first-hand knowledge of our business priorities informed her recommendation that our program become accredited by WABC, the leading global authority on business coaching.

Through the WABC program accreditation process, what we discovered was a new approach for envisioning business coaching in the company. The WABC Program Accreditation Team provided ongoing encouragement and supportive guidance. Their passion for ensuring we understood all aspects of the accreditation requirements and process and their responsiveness to our questions and feedback inspired diligence and perspective in our content development. WABC’s global evidence-based standards, rooted in the real-world needs of organizations just like ours, provided a broad and deep competencies framework and quality assurance that seamlessly aligned with our needs and priorities.

Achieving the WABC Accredited® mark for our program has brought more value than we could have imagined, and we are already reaping the benefits of our program. We’re experiencing a more focused, disciplined and consistent business coaching approach. Our leaders now enjoy increased opportunities within our company to learn business coaching and gain their Registered Corporate Coach credentials, demonstrating greater capacity to meet client needs and expanding their roles with cross-functional coaching opportunities, minimizing organizational silos. Additionally, our leaders are expanding their thinking with enhanced curiosity, leading to greater innovation, accountability and impact.

Our company is proud to have learned so much from the depth of knowledge and commitment exuded by WABC. With our accreditation, we will continue to support our leaders’ development goals with a flexible yet solid framework that drives our workforce today and into the future.

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