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Kevin McGarry, CBC, CMBC®


Over the course of my career I have continued my education with numerous credential and professional licenses within the financial services industry, including with a Fortune 100 company. WABC is a rigorous association that keeps high standards on the same level as Investment and Wealth Institute, which offers the CIMA.

I appreciate the in-depth knowledge required to attain the WABC Certified Business Coach (CBC) and the WABC Certified Master Business Coach® (CMBC®) credentials, as the WABC Accredited® programs that lead to these credentials are structured to develop participants into excellent business coaches. WABC’s exclusivity and high standards set the bar for meaningful credentials which can help others through coaching. 

My credentials have been extremely rewarding to me and my career. The training and continued focus on business coaching has benefited the teams I have led and their overall success. With the processes and structure of coaching, I have helped individuals identify goals and action plans that help them accomplish more than they thought they could ever accomplish. Coaching has enabled me to communicate more effectively, enhance my recruiting and retention of top talent and increase overall engagement from my teams.

There are many associations that offer credentials for a few hour or weekend course and provide a certificate or credential. This “weekend designation” is detrimental to the industry, as clients may not be certain of the level of knowledge achieved. WABC does a great job on sharing the value, knowledge and overall worth of the credentials that so many great coaches have achieved.

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