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Jessa Wilson, RCC


WABC has been instrumental in my success, and credibility, in my coaching career. The Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) credential is the only one of its kind in the industry. I love having the credentials beside my signature because it helps individuals in corporations quickly understand that my coaching training is specific to the corporate space. Being trained with evidence-based principles, methodologies and tools that are proven to help enhance leader, individual contributor and team performance and engagement is critical when working in the corporate world in these unique times.

The customer service, support and membership is so refreshing and helpful as I navigate the corporate coaching world. I am so grateful and proud to be a member of WABC, and have learned and grown so much through my training and their offerings. WABC’s founder, Wendy Johnson, has been such a beautiful guiding light on my journey, and her intelligence, mentorship, empathy, generosity and passion is a true blessing to me and the coaching industry on the whole.

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