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Our affiliation with WABC began in 2009 when building a coaching culture at a Fortune 100 company. We partnered with WABC due to the strict adherence to standards for evidence-based competencies, strong academic affiliation, and willingness of leadership to engage with clients. While we chose WABC because of its focus on business coaching, what we also discovered in the program accreditation process was WABC’s passion for coaching and commitment to coaching excellence.

When it was time for our own organization, the Global Institute of Organizational Coaching, to create its own line-up of business coaching programs, we just knew they needed to be accredited by WABC.

As with all programs that WABC accredits, evidence-based competencies are the foundation to program design. Philosophically, the Global IOC believes that we must bridge scholarship to practice and back to scholarship in developing coaches who move beyond models and processes to become thinking partners for clients. WABC guides that bridging through its accreditation process and academic affiliations. With its pulse on global connections and needs, WABC also creates opportunities for development that integrates cultures and communities at an international level.

If your desire is to build a first-class coach training program, WABC is the organization for you.

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