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Return on Investment: Frequently Asked Questions… and Answers!

Do I have to learn finance or statistics to work with ROI? Can't I just focus on the human dynamics of coaching? Read Return on Investment: Frequently Asked Questions... and Answers. Learn what you need to know about finance, statistics, and more. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Creating a COACHING CULTURE – today’s most potent organizational change process for creating a “high-performance” culture

Coaching Cultures are the future of organizational effectiveness. They represent the accumulation of the advances in organizational effectiveness theory over the last several decades, representing the best practices of organizational change, Executive Coaching, leadership development, team effectiveness, and many other performance enhancing practices such as Emotional Intelligence.

Measuring ROI in Business Coaching: An Overview

As business coaching expenditures increase, clients and executives require increased accountability. Collectively they're asking about the return on investment. Get ahead of the accountability curve! Learn about the four phases of measuring the ROI in business coaching.