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Senior Leadership Transitions: What Makes Them Work and What Causes Them to Fail? 

What can coaches do to help senior leaders succeed in new roles in today's fast-paced business environment?

Being Grateful – An Essential Perspective of Any Practitioner Researcher

Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis highlights the importance of a tight ethical framework and gratitude when taking on the role of practitioner researcher.

Working with Coaching Models: The Nested-Levels Model

Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron investigates coaching models that influence the work of business and executive coaches worldwide. Here she examines the essence of coaching as a learning conversation, and explores how to develop a structured approach to the coaching intervention using nested-levels models.

Power, Responsibility and Wisdom: Exploring the Issues at the Core of Ethical Decision-Making and Leadership

Why is it so difficult to balance power with responsibility, especially when it comes to decision-making? Dr. Bruce Lloyd has an answer

Where’s the Evidence? First Steps into the Literature (and Research)

If we are thinking of moving business coaching to becoming a profession, then we have to define what our body of knowledge is—what is it that makes our offer different to that of occupational psychologists, management consultants or other related fields? Research is the route to defining our knowledge.

Hybrid World: Coaching and the Complexities of Age, Values, and Asian Business

Maya Hu-Chan explores the implications for leadership and for the field of coaching in Asia as a radical shift toward business is blending with, but not eliminating, traditional values.

Stop Trying to Coach People Who Shouldn’t Be Coached!

Some people are uncoachable. How do you spot them?

Business Coaching in South Africa

Business coaches in South Africa face unique challenges in this very diverse society, only now recovering from a fraught, divisive past. Sunny Stout Rostron provides an overview of business coaching in South Africa, and describes how it is making a difference in the transformation of this exciting new multi-racial democracy.

Collecting Data – An Important Factor in Calculating ROI

Failing to gather a range of information from their clients prior to the commencement of the coaching process can inhibit a coach's (and client's) ability to evaluate ROI. Learning what data to gather and how to gather it will provide support in measuring your coaching results.