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Mindful Conversation to Cultivate Resilience and Positive Adaptation

Greetings! Join Dorothy Greenaway and Melinda Sinclair of PeopleDynamics Learning Group Inc. for a conversation about mindfulness for cultivating resilience and positive adaptation to extreme, ongoing change. One of the […]

Dr. Peggy Marshall, WABC Accredited® Provider

In building a coaching culture at a Fortune 100 company, accreditation of the program was important. We partnered with WABC due to the strict adherence to standards for evidence-based competencies, […]

Weplusnetwork Ltd

Weplusnetwork Ltd is an Italian association of executive consultants and coaches, experts in developing leaders, managers and other talented professionals within organizations. We have solid experience in designing and delivering […]

Shift Coaching Inc.

WABC’s clear focus on business coaching is the reason why we decided to choose them as our accreditor for our Shift Corporate Coach Program. Our clients are business leaders, corporate […]

LG&E and KU Energy, LLC

We needed to shift our company’s culture towards a more collaborative, coaching environment. The primary driver for this shift is a vastly changing workforce. Within five years, our workforce will […]

Global Institute of Organizational Coaching

Our affiliation with WABC began in 2009 when building a coaching culture at a Fortune 100 company. We partnered with WABC due to the strict adherence to standards for evidence-based […]

Progress-U Ltd.

As a pioneer in business coaching in Asia since 2002, Progress-U has developed professional coaches since 2005. Having two programs accredited by WABC allows us to give new, aspiring coaches […]

PeopleDynamics Learning Group Inc.

PeopleDynamics Learning Group specializes in developing leaders and those who support leaders in an organizational context. With over two decades of experience in training and developing coaches, WABC was the […]

Phyllis Campagna

WABC is the only coaching association to set standards exclusively for business coaching throughout the world, and it has been my go-to source for consideration of best practice in my […]