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WABC White Papers—Best Fit Business Coaching Series
Our Best Fit Business Coaching Series is a collection of evidence-based white papers on leading-edge topics of interest to professional business coaches, those thinking about a career in business coaching and other key stakeholders around the world when they screen, hire, train and evaluate business coaches.

The series is based on the premise that no single, universal approach to business coaching can serve the needs of all organizations and individuals. Instead, the series advocates the "best fit" approach. This equips readers with information to help them tailor strategies to their individual, organizational or corporate needs, while maintaining and promoting the utmost professional and academic rigor in their individual approaches.

What sets our evidence-based papers apart is that each paper involves a comprehensive literature review of the best international research available on any given topic. Furthermore, each paper is written and reviewed by leading academics, experienced business coach practitioners, senior researchers or recognized experts in related fields with the purpose of contributing to the ongoing professionalization of the business coaching field.

WABC White Papers—Best Fit Business Coaching Series

Team Coaching:
Why, Where, When & How
November 2016
by Dr. Doug Abrahamson

This white paper uses a comprehensive and considered literature review to explore the concept of team coaching as it relates to supporting organizational teamwork in today's complex and volatile business environment. The goals of this paper are to provide organizational leaders and business-coaching practitioners with an evidence-based guide to how and why team (business) coaching is important and to show how this model of practice can be used to support organizational team-oriented problem solving, complex-project/task completion and better achievement of organizational goals and outcomes.

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WABC White Papers—Best Fit Business Coaching Series

Contracting within the Business Coaching Relationship—a Guide
and a Cautionary Tale!
January 2015
by Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis

This white paper explores the limited research available on contracting—the setting up, use and monitoring of the business coaching relationship. We do not try to develop a standard coaching contract as that would be too constraining for the majority of business coaches—each contract must be customized to the client's requirements. Instead we provide a list of factors that should be considered in developing an effective contract.

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